Patrick Nagle

Entreprenuer and Investor

Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Patrick Nagle, an internet entrepreneur since the age of 16. Over the past two decades, I've had the pleasure of creating some awesome digital ventures, including the well-known 🌶️ and my latest project,

At, we are a patient-first health technology company on a mission to make optimal mental health attainable for everyone. Our core focus revolves around expanding care access, empowering patient choice, and enhancing care quality. 🚀

⚡️As reported by CBS, domain names are an interest of mine, with numerous being forwarded to this page. My portfolio includes premium mental health domains, such as,,,,, and more.

If you have an interest in forming an alliance or just want to say 👋, feel free to reach out. I'm always happy to hear from you! 👇

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